I put the band on for the first time around midnight...I woke up the next morning having slept the best I had in a very long time. I've been sleeping well for almost 2 weeks now! - Tana Oliver

I love my power band. In addition to feeling better, it is a reminder to keep working on my goals. - Kimberly

I was skeptical about these types of products, but always wondered if it would make a difference. Since wearing the band, I've noticed better balance and more energy and stamina. I also used to get headaches regularly. They have decreased dramatically. It's working well for me. - Blake Y

Hello! My name is Liz, and i am an avid skier and runner. Over the years, my left knee has been causing me a lot of pain, even some minor swelling with rigorous activity. I always have pain the morning after a great day on the slopes, or a 2 to 4 mile run. But when i am wearing my powerband, i don't experience any pain during, or after activity. I believe in this product, and i swear by what it's done for me. I always notice a huge difference when i am wearing it, when combined with a daily dose of healthy lifestyle & living! - Liz

I've played golf for years. Since wearing my Bandaband, I have increased my range of motion and my scores have improved. - Dan S.

My son is constantly car sick. Wearing the Bandaband allowed us to travel seven hours in the car without him experiencing any motion sickness. This was incredible! I now have him wear it all the time and have seen improvements in his concentration at school as well. - Kristy A.

I was a little skeptical of the claims of these bands but decided to wear one on my Florida vacation. To my great delight, I did not experience any motion sickness at Walt Disney World and I didn’t even get seasick on our cruise! I also love the color and the comfort of my Strive Today band. - Kristin W.

I got the Bandaband hoping to feel a bit more energized. I have a finger injury that has been consistently painful for just over a year. I was surprised that my finger stopped hurting after a couple of days, and I have more energy. - Jason S.

I am striving to become a collegiate tennis player. I find that wearing the Bandaband gives me the extra strength I need to win. It gives me a competitive edge. I never step on the court without it. I even have started wearing one on each arm. - Jacque D.